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Prospective Students

Degrees & Certificates

Listed below are programs of study offered by Fullerton College and requirements for specific certificates and degrees. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic counselor for individual education planning.

Certificates with less than a total of 18 units will not appear on college transcripts.
(●) Certificates with more than a total of 18 units will be noted on transcript as Certificate of Achievement.

Any request for a course substitution or waiver for a degree may be discussed with a counselor and must be submitted for approval to the Admissions and Records Office.

NOTE: For students wanting to transfer to a university, see the "Transferability of Courses" section in this catalog and schedule an appointment with a counselor. Students may also reference Degrees and certificate programs are listed below by Instructional Divisions.

For complete degree & certificate information, including required coursework listings, please consult the current College Catalog.
Listing of Instructional Division A.A.

Business and Computer Information Systems

(ACCT)    Accounting      ●
(BUS)       Business Administration    
                      Business Management    
                      Business & Technology Skills      
                      International Business Skills      
                      International Business Management    
(CIS)        Computer Information Systems    
                      Networking Skills      
                      Programming Skills      
                      Web Scripting Skills      
(CISG)      Computer Information Systems - Gaming      
                      Computer Game Design Skills      
                      Computer Game Program Skills          
(OT)          Office Technology        
                      Legal Office Administration    ●    
(PLEG)     Paralegal Studies       ●  
(RE)         Real Estate Management    ●  
                      Real Estate Sales Skills      


(INDS)      Interdisciplinary Studies        
                     Arts and Human Expression      
                     Science and Math      
                     Social Behavior and Self Development      
                     Social Sciences      

Fine Arts

(ART)       Art      
                     Advertising and Graphic Design      
                     Advertising and Graphic Design Level I      
                     Art History           
                     Studio Arts      
(ACG)      Art Computer Graphics      
                     Computer Animation/Multimedia      
                     Desktop Publishing      
                     3D Animation Certificate - Level II      
(MUS)      Music    
                    Commercial Music      
                    Music Recording/Production      
                    Piano Teaching      
(THEA)   Theatre Arts      ●  
                    Assistant Costume Designer      
                    Costume Cutter/Draper      
                    Costume Stitcher      
                    Costume Wardrobe      
                    Lighting Technician      
                    Musical Theatre      
                    Scenic Artist      
                    Sound Technician      
                    Stage Management      
                    Technical Theatre      
                    Theatre Arts (Drama)      


(ENGL)   English    
                   Foreign Language      
(SPCH)   Speech      
                   Communication Studies      

Mathematics and Computer Science

(CSCI)    Computer Science      
(MATH)   Mathematics   ●   

Natural Sciences

(ESC)     Astronomy      
                Earth Sciences      
(BIOL)     Biology      
                   Biological Technician      
(CHEM)  Chemistry    
(ENVS)   Environmental Science    
(FOOD)   Foods and Nutrition    
                   Nutrition and Dietetics      
(HORT)   Horticulture    
                   Greenhouse and Nursery Production      
                   Landscape Management      
                   Landscape Design/Management      
                   Landscape Irrigation      
                   Nursery Management      
                   Ornamental Horticulture    
                   Pest Management      
                Industrial Technology      
                Medical Technology      
(MICR)    Microbiology          ●    
(PHYS)   Physics      ●  

Physical Education

                   Aquatic Specialist      
                   Athletic Coach      
                   Personal Trainer      
                   Physical Education — Fitness      
                   Therapeutic and Sports Massage Level I Therapist      
(DANC)  Dance      
                   Dance Teaching      
(REC)     Outdoor Recreation and Safety Skills      

Social Sciences

(ANTH)   Anthropology          ●  
(CDES)  Child Development and Education Studies      
                   ECE Administration      
                   ECE Teacher      
                   Infant/Toddler Caregiver      
                   Special Education      
                Early Childhood Education       ●    
                Elementary Teacher Education      
(ECON)  Economics    
(ETHS)   Ethnic Studies      
                   Chicano/Chicana Studies      
(GEOG)  Geography          ●  
(HIST)      History    
                    Latin-American Studies      
(PHIL)      Philosophy    
                 Religious Studies      
(POSC)   Political Science    ●  
(PSY)       Psychology    
(SOC)      Sociology    

Technology and Engineering

(AJ)          Administration of Justice  ●
                    Crime Scene Investigation      
                    Law Enforcement Skills Development Skills      
(ARCH)   Architecture      
                    Architectural CAD Technology      
(AUTO)   Automotive
                    Automotive Chassis Specialist Skills      
                    Automotive Management      
                    Automotive Service Advisor      
                    Automotive Technology    
                    Emission Control Specialist      
                    Engine Performance Specialist      
                    Manual Drive Train Specialist      
(COSM) Cosmetology    
                    Cosmetology Instructor      
                    Esthetician Certificate      
(CRTV)  Communications — General      
                    Radio Broadcasting    
                    Radio Production      
                    Radio & Television/Video Production      
                    Sports Broadcasting Skills      
                    Television/Film Production      
(CSTR)   Construction
                    Construction Estimating Skills      
                    Construction Inspection    
                    Construction Management      
                    Construction Technology    
(DRAF)   Industrial Drafting Technology      
                     Industrial Drafting Level I      
                     Industrial Drafting Level II      
(ENGR)   Engineering      
(FASH)    Fashion Design    
                     Advanced Fashion Design      
                     Fashion Illustration      
                     Fashion Journalism      
                     Fashion Merchandising    
                     Image Consultant      
                     Product Development for Apparel Industries Skills      
                     Textiles and Clothing      
                  Industrial Arts      
(IDES)      Interior Design      
                     Commercial Design      
                      Interior Merchandising Level I      
                      Residential Design      
(JOUR)     Journalism    ●
                      Public Relations      
(MACH)    Machine Technology        
                      CNC Operator      
                      Computer Numerical Control (CNC)      
                      Machine Technology Level II Skills      
                      Mastercam Skills      
                      Surfcam Skills      
                      Manufacturing Technology      
(PHOT)     Photography      
                       Professional Photography      
(PRNT)     Printing Technology      
                       Advanced Sheetfed Offset Presswork      
                       Customer Service Training Skills      
                       Electronic Imaging      
                       Flexography Skills      
                       Graphic Communications Skills      
                       Offset Duplicator Training      
                       Printing Technology (General)      
                       Quick Print/In-Plant Graphics      
                       Screen Printing      
(WELD)    Welding Technology      


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