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Log-in Options

Option 1

Log in to MyGateway: http://mg.nocccd.edu

  • User name: 8-digit Banner Student I.D. (e.g., @0000xxxx)
  • Password: MyGateway/WebStar password

Click on “Student" Tab
Click on “Fullerton College Blackboard” (the link in Blackboard channel)
Forgot Banner I.D. - Pin Reset

Log-in through MyGateway

Option 2

Log in to Blackboard: https://blackboard.nocccd.edu/

  • User name: @ xxxxxxxx (8-digit Banner student I.D. - “@” symbol must be included, e.g., @0000xxxx). - Do not use a Social Security Number. - If "@" symbol is omitted, log in will fail, page may read "Not enrolled in any courses - Invalid Credentials."
  • Password: MyGateway/WebStar password (key in ONLY first six characters)

Log-in through Blackboard

Note: Blackboard log in page (https://blackboard.nocccd.edu/) accepts a 6-character password, ONLY. If MyGateway/WebStar password has more than six, key in only first six (xxxxxx).

Blackboard Access

  • Only students enrolled in a course that uses Blackboard can log in and access Blackboard.
  • System will not allow access, until instructor makes course available.
  • Course lists and instructor contacts: Hybrid - Online - Teleweb
  • Access to most courses is not available until the first day class begins.

Note: - It may take at least 24 hours, after registration and all fees are paid, before system allows access. - Weekly system maintenance: FRIDAYS 6am - 10am Blackboard may be unavailable.

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