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International Students

Fullerton College welcomes applications for its International Students Program. Our college is authorized by the United States Department of Homeland Security as an institution of higher learning for non-immigrant F-1 visa students. One of the goals of our program is to provide positive educational opportunities for international students from around the world in an effort to promote and improve the global community.
Our staff offers assistance with:

  • Application processing 
  • Academic advisement
  • Registration into classes
  • Orienting students to living in Southern California 

 Fullerton College is a 2-year community college that offers:

  • Transfer programs to 4-year universities
  • Associate degree programs
  • Occupational certificate programs 

Fullerton College has two traditional 18-week semesters that begin in August (fall semester) and January (spring semester) as well as summer and winter sessions.  Some of our popular majors include:

  • Accounting/business/management
  • General education
  • Complete list of academic programs offered at Fullerton College 

For more information on International Students Program, see the International Student Center web site.


Students outside the US

Depending on the country from which the student is applying, F1 visa application processing time varies. Students should consult their local United States Consulate/Embassy and plan accordingly. The deadlines are as follows:

Fall (August) Semester: June 1
Spring (January) Semester: November 15

F1 visa students currently in the US

We strongly encourage applicants to meet the application deadline below so that they may attend Orientation and register for classes early. The deadlines for transfer students are as follows:

Fall (August) Semester: August 1
Spring (January) Semester: December 1
In accordance with US Immigration regulations, F1 visa students must be issued a transfer I-20 or leave US within the 60-day grace period after the last term completed.


Non-F1 visa holders currently in the US, seeking change of status

Those individuals who would like to become a full-time student and change their non-immigrant status to F1 should contact the International Student Center Manager for immigration advising.

Change of status applications must be submitted BEFORE the expiration of previous non-immigrant status, as indicated on the I-94 card. Therefore, applications for admissions should be submitted at least one month before expiration.

Individuals who have entered the US on a visa waiver may not apply for a change of non-immigrant status while in the US.

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