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Faculty & Staff

Administrative Staff

Greg Schulz , Ed.D.
Office of the President

Richard Storti, Ed.D., CPA
Vice President of Administrative Services
Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services

Savannah Jones, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President of Student Services
Office of the Vice President of Student Services

José Ramón Núñez, Ph.D.
Vice President of Instruction
Office of the Vice President of Instruction

Carlos Ayon 
Director of Institutional Research & Planning
Office of Institutional Research & Planning

Lisa McPheron
Director of Campus Communications
Office of Campus Communications
Phone: (714) 992-7013
Email: lmcpheron@fullcoll.edu


Albert Abutin
Dean of Admissions & Records
Web Site: Admissions & Records
Phone: (714) 992-7076
Email: aabutin@fullcoll.edu

Kathy Bakhit
Dean of Social Sciences
Phone:  (714) 992-7048
Email:  kbakhit@fullcoll.edu

Douglas Benoit
Dean of Business, CIS, and Economic & Workforce Development
Phone:  (714) 992-7033
Email:  dbenoit@fullcoll.edu

Lisa Campbell
Dean of Counseling
Phone:   714-992-7085
Email: lcampbell@fullcoll.edu

Mark Greenhalgh
Dean of Mathematics & Computer Sciences
Phone: (714) 992-7042
Email: mgreenhalgh@fullcoll.edu

David Grossman
Dean of Physical Education
Phone: (714) 992-7046
Email: dgrossman@fullcoll.edu

Richard Hartmann
Dean of Natural Sciences
Phone:  (714) 992-7044
Email:  rhartmann@fullcoll.edu

Ken Starkman
Dean of Technology & Engineering
Phone: (714) 992-7052
Email: kstarkman@fullcoll.edu

John Tebay
Interim Dean of Fine Arts
Phone: (714) 992-7035
Email: jtebay@fullcoll.edu

Dr. Derek Vergara
Dean of Student Support Services/Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (714) 992-7088
Email: dvergara@fullcoll.edu

Dan Willoughby
Dean of Humanities
Phone: (714) 992-7036
Email: dwilloughby@fullcoll.edu

Dani Wilson
Dean of Library/Learning Resources, Instructional Support Programs and Services
Phone: (714) 992-7040
Email: dwilson@fullcoll.edu


Cecilia Arriaza
Director of Transfer Center and Cadena Cultural Center
Phone:  (714) 992-7087
Email:  carriaza@fullcoll.edu

Pilar Ellis

Manager of International Student Program
Phone: (714) 992-7079
Email: pellis@fullcoll.edu

Terry Gleason
Manager of Distance Education
Phone: (714) 992-7060
Email: tgleason@fullcoll.edu

Cyndi Grein

Manager of Campus Accounting
Phone: (714) 992-7007
Email: cgrein@fullcoll.edu

Randy Harris
Manager, Maintenance and Operations
Phone:  (714) 992-7026
Email:  rharris@fullcoll.edu

Co Ho

Lead - Academic Computing Technologies
Phone: (714) 992-7020
Email: cho@fullcoll.edu

Naomi Abesamis
Director of Student Activities
Phone: (714) 992-7096
Email: nabesamis@fullcoll.edu

Nick Karvia
Director of Bookstore
Phone: (714) 992-7009
Email: nkarvia@fullcoll.edu

Jennifer LaBounty
Director, EOPS
Phone:  (714) 992-7090
Email:  jlabounty@fullcoll.edu

Larry Lara
Director of Facilities/Physical Plant
Phone: (714) 992-7025
Email: llara@fullcoll.edu 

Edward Roth
Director of Disability Support Services
Phone:  714-992-7100
Email:  eroth@fullcoll.edu

Monica Martin
Director, Grants/ Economic and Workforce Development, OC Teacher Pathway Partnership, Engage in STEM
Phone: 714-992-7068
Email: mmartin@fullcoll.edu


Rena Martinez Stluka
Phone: 714-992-7077
Email:  rmartinezstluka@fullcoll.edu

Vanessa Miller, Ph.D.
Director of Health Services
Phone:  714-992-7094
Email: vmiller@fullcoll.edu

Bob Morison
Manager of Instructional Technology Services
Phone: 714-992-7022
Email:  rmorison@fullcoll.edu

Kristine Nikkhoo
Director of Basic Skills
Phone:  714-992-7171
Email: knikkhoo@fullcoll.edu

Greg Ryan
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: (714) 992-7092
Email: gryan@fullcoll.edu

Steve Selby
Director of Campus Safety
Phone: (714) 992-7081
Email: sselby@fullcoll.edu

Stephen Trapp
Manager, Custodial Services
Phone: 714-992-7027
Email: strapp@fullcoll.edu

Olivia Veloz
Director of Academic Support Programs and Services
Phone:  (714) 992-7066
Email:  oveloz@fullcoll.edu


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