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MyGateway & MyFC Portal Information

Why MyGateway and MyFC?

Around 2002, we were looking for portal solutions that were open architectures that could be extended to provide additional services to the campus. Most portals weren't very mature nor provided many services without investing large amounts of funds and time into the systems.

After review of many different platforms the choice was made to use uPortal 1.6 developed by a company called Interactive Business Solutions in conjunction with the JASIG organization. The choice was made on the limited amount of resources needed to deploy and dedicate to uPortal, in addition to the open architecture.

In 2002 the myFC portal was deployed to students with very limited functionality as development of features progressed. Over the years development of forums, chat, email, timekeeper reports, printing reports, youtube, facebook, online course integration, gradebooks, and more were added to myFC portal.

During this period the District saw an opportunity to launch its own version of a campus portal using Luminis from SCT. This version would encompass data for all three institutions: Fullerton College, Cypress College, and School of Continuing Education exceeding the capability of the existing myFC. Since the district hosts SCT Banner with all the institutional data, this version of the portal would be able to provide data from registration, finance, and educational services. Thus on November 14, 2007, myGateway was launched.

Now the question remains, why myGateway and myFC? The simple answer is that myFC still receives a high number of visitors (~5000 to ~6000 a week) and provides services that myGateway has yet to incorporate and the reason there are two portal platforms for the Fullerton College community. When these services are met by myGateway, myFC will be retired. In the meantime, both systems are active and we ask for patience while in this transition period.

Page last updated: 08/12/15 9:23 AM