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Campus Communication Office Forms

Marketing Inventory Check-Out

Click here for a full listing of materials available for check-out., such as the Fullerton College Tradeshow Booth, EZ-Up Canopies, etc. Please contact Stephanie Reyna to check out available marketing materials.

Marketing Materials Request

To request copies of various Fullerton College marketing materials, please include the name of the publication(s), quantity desired, and date needed. To view the Marketing Materials catalogue, please contact Stephanie Reyna, Campus Marketing & Outreach Assistant.

Image Release Form

Fullerton College has a blanket image release policy which states "Fullerton College, a non-profit California Community College, reserves the right to take and use photographs, video and electronic images of students and visitors taken on college property and at college-sponsored events for marketing and promotional purposes. Objection must be made in writing to the Public Information Office.

However, certain instances still require an image release. These situations include, but are not limited to, students under eighteen years of age and subjects used in a high-visibility location of a marketing piece (front covers, banners, billboards, etc). If you are unsure whether you need a release, it is advisable to get one. You may contact Andrea Hanstein, Public Information Officer, for assistance.

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