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Identity Standards

Building the Fullerton College Brand

The Fullerton College brand is shaped by the quality of the programs and services it provides. Each day, the brand is shaped further by the manner in which we present these programs and services. Our logos and messages serve as symbols of our brand. The help enhance brand awareness in the minds of our students and other community members. Used frequently and consistently in a strategic brand program, these logos and messages can enhance "positive" brand awareness.

Fullerton College Brand Statements

Excellence. Elevated: When communicating to students and other community members.
Elevating Excellence: When communicating to faculty and other staff members.
Elevate Excellence: When communicating directly with students or prospective students as in a "call to action."

Fullerton College Brand Values

Get a quality education.
Anticipate success.
Attend a "real" college

Fullerton College Overview Paragraph

Fullerton College offers its students a comprehensive academic experience in a real college setting. College faculty and staff are committed to quality education in all areas of study, ranging from transfer-level courses to career certificate programs. These programs, coupled with a full compliment of student support services and excellent faculty virtually ensure student success. Fullerton College - Excellence. Elevated.

Fullerton College Preferred Typeface

The preferred sans-serif is the Myriad Pro family.
The preferred serif is the Goudy Old Style family

Fullerton College Logo & Brand

Fullerton College Identity and Logo Usage Diagram 

For copies of the Fullerton College logo and brand, please visit the Campus Communications graphics and resources page.

District Non-Discrimination Statement & Listing of Board of Trustees

For more information on district publication guidelines, click here.

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