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Student Ambassadors

Welcome to the Fullerton College Student Ambassador page. Here you will find information on the program, application, and meet our current Student Ambassadors.


The Student Ambassador program features continuing Fullerton College students who enjoy sharing their knowledge of Fullerton College with high school students, fellow Fullerton College students, constituents, faculty, staff and the community. Fullerton College Student Ambassadors strive to encourage students, staff and community involvement in the mission of the college.

Meet the 2015-16 Student Ambassadors

Melissa Castaneda

Melissa Castaneda is majoring in horticulture and is working toward becoming a certified greenhouse nursery manager. Last year, she became a certified photographer following the completion of the Fullerton College photography program. Castaneda is currently working to complete major prep work to transfer into the UC system to study sustainable agriculture. She is actively involved in campus life as the president of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. During her free time, she enjoys road trips, spending time with family, and maintaining her garden of fresh fruit and vegetables. She dreams of developing a non-profit horticulture center for military veterans.  

Elisa Cirrito

Elisa Cirrito completed her first year at Fullerton College in the spring of 2015 after studying abroad in Rome. She is a graduate Troy High School and is a member of the Honors Program at FC where she is majoring in English. She plans to transfer to UCLA and aspires to become a world-class attorney. Her favorite things to do outside of school include reading, making to-do lists, and spending all of her money on iced coffee.

Daphne Ruiz

Daphne Ruiz is a returning student ambassador. She completed one year of service with the student ambassador program in spring 2015. As a sophomore at Fullerton College, she is a dual major in Chicana/o studies and history and hopes to become a professor. She helped establish the community college chapter of the Student Transfer Opportunity Mentorship Program in 2012 and is enthusiastic about helping other students succeed in their transfer goals. She enjoys reading personal statements, surprising others with her extensive knowledge of celebrity gossip, and watching cartoons.

Jamie See

Jamie See is an international student from Hong Kong. She began taking classes at Fullerton College in 2013 and is majoring in architecture. As a member of the speech and debate team, and through her involvement with California Cousin, a program to help new international students adjust to college life at FC, she has refined her skills in the area of public speaking and communications. She plans to transfer to a four-year university in Fall 2016. See’s interests include ethnic culture, pop culture, and hiking.

Samantha Topacio

Samantha “Sam” Topacio is currently in her fourth semester at Fullerton College where she is majoring in English. Her goal is to transfer to UCLA in the fall of 2016. Topacio serves as the public relations secretary of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society and as chair of the Student Transfer Opportunity Mentorship Program (STOMP). She enjoys writing, singing, and filmmaking.  

Apply to be a Student Ambassador!

Ambassador Guidelines:

 The Student Ambassadors will represent the College in a variety of ways. They will assist in programs off campus, they will attend college fairs/ local high schools and they will provide visitors with tours of the Fullerton College campus.

 The ideal Ambassador will have a passion for Fullerton College, will have been attending the college for at least two semesters and have a knowledge of the campus and what it offers. The ambassador must be outgoing and well-spoken.

 This is a paid position with a 1-year commitment. The Ambassador is required to commit 5-10 hours per week during the course of the fall and spring semester. The position will require the Ambassador to work during the day, evening and occasionally weekends.

 The Ambassador must be willing to travel locally, to support and represent Fullerton College and fulfill their duties as a representative of Fullerton College.

 Applications for the Ambassador position will be accepted the summer of the prior academic year. An Ambassador orientation will be held 2 weeks prior to the start of the new semester. After orientation, the students may begin fulfilling their roles as a Fullerton College Ambassador.

 Job Description:

Looking for Fullerton College students who are knowledgeable about the college and are comfortable representing the college on every level. You must be able to share your enthusiasm about how great FC is with those looking to attend the college. You must be comfortable with leading individuals and groups around the Fullerton College campus and share with them our programs, services and strengths as well as answer any questions they may have in a courteous and knowledgeable manner. Students will also be asked to represent the college at community events, on local campuses, at district events and more. Students will also speak to students of all ages and groups of all sizes. 

 We will work with each student’s schedule to ensure academic and ambassador responsibilities are met. This is a paid position, and students will receive payment upon completion of responsibilities.

 Ambassador Qualifications:

-       Be able to make a 1 year commitment to the Ambassador Program

-       Have a minimum GPA of 2.5

-       Be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units during the fall and spring semester

-       Must have attended at least 2 semesters at the college

-       Have excellent public speaking skills

-       Have outstanding interpersonal and communication skills

-       Have reliable transportation to and from Fullerton College, local high schools and community organizations

-       Being bilingual is an advantage, but not a requirement

 Ambassador Responsibilities:

College Ambassadors are the official student representatives and hosts of Fullerton College. They represent the college and our most important people.

 As a College Ambassador you will have certain responsibilities:

-       Leading campus tours

-       Attending and assisting with on and off campus events as well as events in the community

-       Working information booths at the start of the semester

-       Working at information tables during the semester

-       Participating in district and out-of-district high school workshops, classroom presentations and college fairs

-       Knowing the history of the college as well as current and upcoming events

-       Attending monthly College Ambassador Meetings

-       Contributing articles for the student blog/ Buzzy newsletter

-       Other duties as assigned

Download the Ambassador Cover Page and Application

Cover Page

If you have any questions about the position, please contact the Office of Campus Communications at 714-992-7013.

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