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Fullerton College Goals & Institutional SLOs

Fullerton College Goals & Objectives 2013-2015

Goal 1:  Fullerton College will promote student success.

Objective 1:  Address the needs of under-prepared students.
Objective 2:  Increase course retention and success.
Objective 3:  Increase the number of degrees and certificates awarded.
Objective 4.  Increase the number of transfers.
Objective 5:  Increase the persistence rate of students.

Goal 2:  Fullerton College will reduce the achievement gap.

Objective 1:  Address the needs of English language learners.
Objective 2:  Increase retention rate of Hispanic and African-American students by at least 2%.
Objective 3:  Increase success rate of Hispanic and African-American students by at least 2%.
Objective 4:  Increase persistence rate of Hispanic and African-American students by at least 2%.

Goal 3:  Fullerton College will strengthen connections with the community.

Objective 1:  Strengthen our contacts with Alumni.
Objective 2:  Strengthen partnerships with local feeder high schools and universities.
Objective 3:  Strengthen partnerships with local business and industry.
Objective 4:  Increase funding capabilities of the college. 
Objective 5.  Increase engagement of the college with the community through college events, community service, and other partnerships.

Fullerton College Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

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