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President's Goals

Promote & enhance the Fullerton College Experience and student learning

  • Strengthen our student-centered culture to help our students thrive
  • Focus on student learning and support
  • Foster a campus culture emphasizing innovation, collaboration, respect and kindness
  • Support efforts to grow the diversity of our faculty and staff
  • Support and invest in the professional growth of our employees
  • Work with and support our campus community to achieve a successful accreditation visit

Increase Student Success and Student Equity

  • Work as a campus to provide a just, equitable, inclusive educational experience
  • Increase the number of associate degree and certificate completions
  • Make progress each year towards reducing the achievement gap
  • Increase the rates at which our students succeed, complete programs of study and transfer to four-year colleges and universities

Strengthen partnerships with educational, business and community organizations

  • Support the development and enhancement of academic and career pathways
  • Explore partnerships that lead to workforce opportunities for our students
  • Strategically support and grow outreach efforts
  • Support the growth and success of the Fullerton College Foundation

Improve and modernize learning spaces on campus in accordance with our educational master plan and facilities master plan

  • Promote opportunities for campus and community constituents to inform planning
  • Complete our E.I.R. process and begin the project planning and construction phase

Maintain fiscal stability to support and sustain learning and support services for our students

  • Work with our campus to set and achieve appropriate FTES targets, in accordance with our district wide plans and available resources
  • Utilize our institutional data, campus planning and governance structure to inform resource allocation and decision making across our campus
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