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Transfer Degrees

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440 – Padilla), signed into legislation on September 29, 2010, requires California community colleges to grant an associate degree for transfer to a student once a student has met specified general education and major requirements for the degree. Upon completion of the associate degree, the student is eligible for transfer with junior standing into the California State University (CSU) system.

Students are given guaranteed admission into the CSU system, and further are given priority consideration when applying to a particular program that is similar to the student’s community college major. The law prohibits the CSU from requiring a transferring student to repeat courses similar to those taken at the community college that counted toward their associate degree for transfer.  Fullerton College now offers 18 transfer degrees, which may be found here.

More information about the statewide transfer degree program, click here.

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is a resource available to all Fullerton College students to help you stay motivated, excited, and prepared to transfer to a four-year university. There are many steps to transfer, from college exploration to college selection, major exploration to major preparation, not to mention the entire application process. The center provides services to help you explore, prepare, and succeed in your transfer plans. The Transfer Center can help you every step of the way!

For more information, visit the Transfer Center website.

Transfer Achievement Program (TAP)

The goal of the Transfer Achievement Program (TAP) is to encourage and support students in their goal of transferring to a four-year college or university.  This goal is met by offering a comprehensive, student-centered instructional, and peer-supportive program tailored to meet the needs of today's community college students.

The benefits of being a TAP student are:

    Guaranteed classes.
    Additional personal and academic support from instructors, counselors, and  peer  facilitators.
    Opportunities to develop a peer support system.
    Classes in college success and career and life planning.
    Encouragement to visit leading universities and colleges.
    Close relationship with a TAP counselor to ensure a successful transfer.

For more information, visit the TAP website.

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