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Check out Salary Surfer!

Posted: Monday, July 01, 2013

Salary Surfer, a tool to assist California Community College students.

Salary Surfer is a groundbreaking online tool that allows students and the public to view the aggregated median earnings of those who complete a certificate or degree in a specific community college discipline and then enter the workforce.

This tool displays median annual incomes for those who complete 179 of the most widely enrolled programs and did not transfer to a four-year institution. Salary Surfer shows the median earnings for a community college graduate two years prior to earning a certificate or degree, then two years and five years after earning a certificate or degree.

The Salary Surfer allows students to research the careers available to them at a community college and its earning potential. When looking at data on Salary Surfer it is important to remember that wages of students who transfer to four-year institutions are not included, nor are self-employed workers.

Want to know more? Visit the Salary Surfer website, by clicking here.

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