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Instructional Divisions

Business and Computer Information Systems
Building 300 — 714-992-7032
Dean: Douglas Benoit
Accounting (ACCT)
Business Management (BUS)
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Computer Information Systems — Gaming (CISG)
Marketing Management (MKT)
Office Technology (OT)
Paralegal Studies (PLEG)
Real Estate (RE)

Counseling and Student Development
Building 2000 — 714-992-7085
Dean: Lisa Campbell
Counseling and Guidance (COUN)
EOPS, Building 2000, 714.992.7097
Disability Support Services, Building 800/Room 842 714.992.7099

Fine Arts
Building 1100 — 714-992-7034
Dean: John Tebay (Office 1115)
Art (ART)
Art Computer Graphics (ACG)
Music (MUS)
Theatre Arts (THEA)

Building 500, Room 522-O — 714-992-7036
Dean: Dan Willoughby
English (ENGL)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Foreign Languages
Arabic (ARAB)
Chinese (CHIN)
French (FREN)
German (GERM)
Italian (ITAL)
Japanese (JAPN)
Portuguese (PORT)
Russian (RUSS)
Spanish (SPAN)
Vietnamese (VIET)
Reading (READ)
Speech (SPCH)

Library/Learning Resources,
Instructional Support Programs
and Services 

Building 800 (LLRC) — 714-992-7039
Dean: Dani Wilson
Library Research (LIB)

Mathematics and Computer Science
Building 600, Room 613-02 — 714-992-7041
Dean: Mark Greenhalgh
Computer Science (CSCI)
Mathematics (MATH)

Natural Sciences
Building 400 — 714-992-7043
Dean: Richard Hartmann
Anatomy and Physiology (ANAT)
Biology (BIOL)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Earth Sciences (ESC)
Environmental Sciences and Technology (ENVS)
Foods and Nutrition (FOOD/NUTR)
Health Education (HED)
Horticulture (HORT)
Microbiology (MICR)
Physical Sciences (PHSC)
Physics (PHYS)

Physical Education
Building 1200 — 714-992-7045
Dean: David Grossman
Physical Education Activities and Theory (PE)
Dance (DANC)
Recreation (REC)
Wellness (WELL)

Social Sciences
Building 1400, Room 1415 — 714-992-7047
Interim Dean: Jorge Gamboa
Anthropology (ANTH)
Child Development and Educational Studies (CDES)
Economics (ECON)
Ethnic Studies (ETHS)
Geography (GEOG)
History (HIST)
Latin-American Studies
Philosophy and Religious Studies (PHIL)
Political Science (POSC)
Psychology (PSY)
Sociology (SOC)
Social Science (SOSC)
Women’s Studies (WMNS)

Student Support Services
Building 200, 714.992.7090
Dean: Elaine Lipiz-Gonzalez
Associated Students Building 200, 714.992.7118
Financial Aid Building 100, 714.992.7091
Health Services Building 1200, 714.992.7093
Student Activities Building 200, 714.992.7095
Veterans Resource Center Building 500/Room 518, 714.992.7102

Technology and Engineering
Building 700 — 714-992-7051
Dean: Ken Starkman
Administration of Justice (AJ)
Architecture (ARCH)
Automotive Technology (AUTO)
Cinema-Radio-Television (CRTV)
Construction Technology (CSTR)
Cosmetology (COSM)
Industrial Drafting (DRAF)
Engineering (ENGR)
Fashion (FASH)
Interior Design (IDES)
Journalism (JOUR)
Machine Technology (MACH)
Metallurgy (METL)
Photography (PHOT)
Printing Technology (PRNT)
Welding (WELD)
Woodworking (WOOD)


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