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Fullerton College Student Bloggers

Fullerton College Student Blog

The Fullerton College student blog, http://fullcollstudentbloggers.blogspot.com/, features four Fullerton College students sharing their stories of being a student, having a life outside of the campus and more! Meet all four of the student bloggers below and follow them as they navigate the academic year.

Current Bloggers

Liam Harder
Liam is in his first year at Fullerton College. He is currently majoring in Music and hopes to transfer for the Berklee School of Music in Boston. As part of his major requirement, Liam will be performing in an ensemble. When he's not on campus, he enjoys riding his bicycle, rock climbing, sailing in Huntington Beach and reading. He also loves to listen to and play, music.
Caitlin Kelly
A graduate of Long Beach Poly, Caitlin ended up at Fullerton College by way of UC San Diego. After a semester at UCSD, Caitlin just didn't feel it was the right campus for her, so she switched gears and moved back home to enroll in and take courses at Fullerton College instead. Caitlin is currently interested in pursuing a major in urban planning but is also open to a career in web design. Her goals include traveling, reading as many books as possible, writing a novel and recording an album. When she's not at FC, she enjoys watching and analyzing movies and TV shows, reading and listening to music. She also plays several instruments and is a bassist in a garage band.
David Anderson
David is studying to become a licensed dietitian. He enjoys reading, writing, internetting, podcasting, working out and meditating. He is interested in health, politics, spirituality, art, science and psychology.
Joy Sun
Joy is a graduate of Rowland High School in Rowald Heights. This is her first semester at Fullerton College as an English major. Her biggest career goal is to become a novelist, but before she does that, she'd like to get her feet wet as an editor at a publishing company. During her first year, Joy hopes to join the Journalism club, Hornet newspaper or the literary magazine. For Joy, writing is a passion, and she hopes to share that passion with the readers of her blog posts over the next year.

Past Bloggers

 Joey McIntosh
Joey has been at Fullerton College since Fall 2010 and has been heavily involved with the Associated Students since he began attending FC. During his first year at Fullerton he became involved on campus by becoming an A.S. Senator and continued through 2012 as the A.S. Vice President. He has also served as a state level Senator for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges; which is similar to the Associated Student government at FC, but they deal with issues on a statewide level. He continued at the state level during 2012 and focused a majority of his time there so he could ensure all of the 2.6 million community college students were represented fairly and advocate on issues that would benefit all students. There are a lot of things happening locally and at the state level that could potentially change community colleges.

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