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Spring 2021

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Fall 2020

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Addendum Course List for Student-Veterans

Fullerton College wishes to share with its Veterans and Military-affiliated students that the Fall 2020 term class schedule will reflect that all courses will be offered Online.  Students planning to collect Department of Veterans Affairs Education or Employment benefits, please refer to the (Fall 2020 Schedule addendum course list) which lists all the courses that transitioned from on-site to online instruction. These courses meet the Department of Veteran Affairs requirements for on-site courses for benefits purposes. Please contact the Veteran Resource Center for more information. 

Due to adjustments to the Fall class schedule, this list may not reflect all recent cancellations and additions of course sections. Students and counselors should refer to the online class schedule for the most recent information prior to registering for classes.



Course Catalog

Fullerton College publishes a new catalog every year. The information published in the catalog is effective for the academic year beginning with the fall semester and concluding with the summer intersession. This catalog is effective Fall 2019 through Summer 2020.

Statement of Assurance

Every effort is made to ensure that the course information, applicable policies, and other materials presented in the Fullerton College Catalog are accurate and current. In the event a correction or update is warranted, the electronic catalog will be updated.

Catalog Rights

The requirements for degrees, certificates, and general education may change during the time a student attends Fullerton College, and these changes are reflected in the catalog.

Catalog rights are established when a student first takes classes at Fullerton, and they are maintained through continual enrollment at the college. These rights protect students from being held responsible for changes made to their academic programs in the years that follow their initial enrollment.

Students maintain catalog rights by maintaining continuous enrollment at Fullerton College — that is, by receiving a grade of “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “F,” “CR,” “P,” “NC,” “NP,” “RD,” “W,” or “I” on their transcripts for at least one course per academic year. Documented military or medical leave during the academic year will not be considered an interruption of enrollment. This policy supersedes all previous catalog rights provisions and applies only to programs at Fullerton College.

Past Schedules and Catalogs