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Fullerton College is excited to provide a new tool to help students explore and map out their educational journey. Explore and choose from seven Hornet Pathways to help guide you step by step and stay on track to complete your degree and/or certificate. Explore the Hornet Pathways below to discover a pathway that is right for you.

Not Sure Which Pathway is Right for You?

The SuperStrong interest assessment can assist! In just 5-10 minutes, you will discover educational and career pathways. For each pathway, your interests are linked to careers, salaries, job outlooks, skills, and the education you’ll need to meet your goals. Click SuperStrong to begin your journey!

Applied Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Career Opportunities
Architect, computer network architect, data scientist, electrical drafter, and much more.

Are you a problem solver? Then the Applied Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics pathway is just for you! Programs under this pathway are designed to enhance problem-solving skills and provide hands-on experience to prepare you to enter the workforce directly or continue your education at a four-year university.


Career Opportunities
Accountant, advertising manager, buyer, calibration technician, property appraiser, and much more.

Learn leadership skills and innovation to excel in the business sector. From major corporations to entrepreneur-ships, every business thrives with leaders who possess a solid educational foundation and training. Programs in the Business pathway will prepare you to transition into the workforce, achieve a higher level of employment, or pursue further education at a four-year university.

Language and Communication

Career Opportunities
Audio technician, broadcast announcer, interpreter, public relations specialist, writer, and much more.

Explore all the different ways to be an effective communicator in various careers. Develop cultural competency and critical thinking skills that are highly desired in the workplace. In the Language and Communication pathway, you can earn certificates and degrees or prepare for transfer to a four-year university.

Public Service and Education

Career Opportunities
Arbitrator, childcare worker, detective, teacher, therapist, and much more​.

Be of service to others and enjoy meaningful work that helps your community. Learn theoretical education combined with hands-on experience to gain the skills necessary to succeed in public sector careers. The Public Service and Education pathway will prepare you to enter the workforce directly or continue your education at a four-year university.

Science, Health, and Wellness

Career Opportunities
Astronomer, athletic trainer, biological technician, dietitian, environmental scientist, and much more.

Solve the problems of the world and explore the wonders of the sciences. Develop research, scientific investigation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to prepare you for a science or health-related career. The Science, Health, and Wellness pathway will provide a solid foundation for transfer to a four-year university or prepare you for various professions, including work in hospitals and clinics, state and local health departments, athletics, educational institutions, and research organizations.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Career Opportunities
Anthropologist, historian, political scientist, surveying technician, tour guide, and much more.

Become a change agent and understand cultures, communities, and human behavior. The Social and Behavioral Sciences pathway will help you build the global and intercultural fluency needed to participate in today’s society. Flexible courses of study prepare you to enter the workforce or pursue further education at a four-year university.

Visual and Performing Arts & Design

Career Opportunities
Art director, fashion designer, graphic designer, photographer, web developer, and much more.

Discover new ways to let your creativity, imagination, and innovation shine. In the Visual and Performing Arts & Design pathway, you may earn certificates and degrees in specific programs, prepare for employment in the visual and performing arts and design fields, or continue your education at a four-year university. 

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